Hello world!!!!

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog - Wild About Fifth Grade.  In case you haven't noticed I'm a fan of animal print.  I'll post classroom pics soon to prove it! I teach fifth grade in Michigan and this is my tenth year teaching.  I love all things that foster choice, independence, reflection and discourse in my students! Oh yeah, and animal print too!

I've been stalking my favorite fifth grade teacher blogs daily for months and I finally gathered the nerve and the time (hubby took the kids up north for the weekend and I'm home alone for the first time since my oldest was born eight years ago) to start my own blog. You'd think I'd be out shoe shopping, but no, I'm learning how to blog about what I love to do all day long - teach. I am so excited to have figured this blogging thing out - with help from Teaching Blog Traffic School.  Thanks Charity Preston! I can't wait to share lots of cool ideas that I use in my classroom to keep things running smoothly, organized, respectful, and lots of fun!

I plan to post about how I implement reading, writing and math workshops in my classroom. I'm also planning to blog about the ways I use book clubs to build stamina, independence, choice, cooperation, and discourse in my fifth grade readers.  I am a huge fan of book clubs and have worked hard to fine tune my routines and procedures.  I can't wait to share them with you guys!  My second love is math so I'm sure I'll post quite a bit about my math workshop (still in its fledgling state as I reflect and change it year to year).

I hope you'll share your comments after my posts and I can continue to learn from you on my own blog as much as I've learned from all the blog stalking I've done over the past few months.

Thanks again!  Check back soon.  Hopefully I'll have a few of those promised posts up in the next week or so, and maybe even a new pair of shoes too.

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