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I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've last posted. I've stared longingly at the computer many nights, but playing with my own kids, cooking dinner, cleaning house, grading papers, and sleep have all taken precedence.  Here I am though finally for a few quick minutes tonight while my son is at hockey practice and my daughter is coloring.  

I've been anxious to create my first freebie to share with my wonderful followers as well as anyone else whose students struggle with understanding 'What is a Paragraph?'  This year I'm nipping it in the bud (as they say). Last week during writing workshop we set up our expectations for complete sentences (which are now on our classroom 'no excuse' board).  Many of the ideas I used can be found on my pinterest fifth grade grammar ideas board.  Week two of our writing workshop is all about writing complete paragraphs, understanding the components of a paragraph, and remembering to indent new paragraphs. We will add 'indented complete paragraphs' to our 'no excuse' board next week.  

After each mini-lesson, the students are practicing using complete sentences and paragraphs with choice writing during workshop time.  This allows the students to strictly focus on their writing stamina, using complete sentences, and paragraphing while they write. They are constantly checking over their own writing as well as each others for accountability. 

The freebie below is what I created to go along with my mini-lesson on the components of a complete paragraph.  The T.E.E.E.C. acronym I heard at a workshop I attended awhile back. The practice sheet will serve as a way for me to assess who understands paragraph components and who doesn't.  I'm not usually a 'worksheet' girl, so most of our practice will occur within our writer's notebooks. The T.E.E.E.C. acronym will give us a common way to talk about paragraphing and remember the components. 

Writing Complete Paragraphs - T.E.E.E.C

Enjoy and happy paragraphing!!!


  1. Great freebie! An easy way to help encourage our student writers to support their thoughts with details - thanks for posting!


  2. Somewhere along the line I'm going to need some Grade 5 ideas - so I thought I'd follow you. :o)

    The Paper Maid

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