Classroom Presidential Debate

I just have to share a quick "proud as a peacock" moment!  We held our classroom presidential debate today.  These are the moments I absolutely love about teaching!  Sitting back and just watching my students in action.  We narrowed down our 16 candidates to two last week during our primary election.  Those two candidates chose vice presidential running mates and had two weeks to work on their campaign (write speeches, prepare for the debate, and advertise).  Today during the debate each team of candidates gave a second speech and then we opened up the floor to questions.  As the debate moderator, I have a lot of fun addressing my students as "sir in the front row," and "the young lady with the pink shirt" and they get a huge kick out of it as well. They especially enjoy calling the candidates Miss. and Mr. (insert last name).  

Anyway, the debate went so well, the students groaned and begged for more questions when I had to call it to an end at 3:30, we board the buses at 3:35 (yikes!).  May the best candidates win tomorrow on election day!  In the real world, and in Room 206!

Found this cute set of FREE "I Voted" stickers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Check them out. My students will be sporting these all day after they vote tomorrow morning!  Now I just have to figure out when I can squeeze in my own chance to vote.  Wish the polls were open until midnight.  That's the only free time this momma gets!


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sure that they will always remember that!

    Fifth in the Middle


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