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Linking up with 'Oh Boy Fourth Grade' for the November Currently.  Where has the year gone? We are just finishing the first marking period.  One-fourth of the school year down. I still feel like it's August and I'm setting up my room and immersed in zebra print everything!!!

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  1. I agree with the to do list and I am so glad that I have conferences behind me:) Good luck! I don't know about you but I am ready for a good long break!!!

  2. Missy, I so love Point of Grace. I am going to go search for that song now. Oh, and I am with you on needing a day for report cards. Do you have your conferences during afternoon/evenings or do you use your plan time? We are considering going to an evening conference because we cannot fit everyone in. (66 students)

    1. We have conferences over two days. We start at 1:00 and go until 8:00 on the first day (students have a half day) and we go from 4:00 to 6:00 on the second day. It's exhausting, but we get Friday off for compensation. I can't imagine fitting all the conferences in on my planning times. How do you do it??

  3. Hi~
    I have a zebra print classroom, too! I am loving it!
    Soooo happy for the extra hour tonight!! :)

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  4. Ooo, I completely forgot about the extra hour, but now I'm excited!!! Thank goodness! I love falling back!! Springing forward and losing an hour... not so much though! ha! And I am with you on needing a day without students to get ready for conferences and do report cards!! Ahhh!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  5. I just knew I had to look at your blog after seeing your button. I'm a huge giraffe and zebra fan! Once on your blog I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design! You just earned your newest follower!

    Live Learn Teach for Life

  6. Thanks Dana! I have an animal print obsession. LOL. I'm glad you stopped by. I'm following your blog now too.


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