Christmas Break and Long Division

Oh, how I love Christmas break........... and spring break, and summer break and, well you get the picture. I feel refreshed, reenergized and reorganized. I have slept in, cleaned out closets, organized toys, played lots and lots of games with my kiddos, shopped, ate, and thought very little about school - which is very unlike me - but much needed.  However, since I go back to the real world on Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, yes I did say Jan. 2nd, (whoever agreed to this calendar I'm not sure, ugh) I began to slowly get myself back into gear today.

First off, I finished my newest common core assessment pack for long division. 

       We began to discuss and practice long division with one digit divisors (a review from fourth grade) before break. But we will really step it up after break with two digit divisors.
We will (in a short two weeks time - yikes):
  •  investigate division patterns when dividing by multiples of 10
  • estimate quotients
  • solve long division problems with two digit divisors using the partial quotients and standard algorithm methods
  • do lots and lots of problem solving
  • divide with money and zeros in the quotient
  • interpret remainders, and
  • use and rate our understanding of academic vocabulary related to division. 
Whew!  So, to make all of that a bit easier to organize and handle, I put it all together into an assessment pack. This pack is aligned to the common core standards and includes:
  • four formative assessments (quizzes) to use throughout the unit
  • twelve exit slips to use at the conclusion of lessons to further formatively assess progress
  • a review/study guide
  • a summative assessment, and
  • six academic vocabulary cards for our math word wall
I'm hoping it will keep us focused and keep me informed daily of each student's progress so I can intervene when needed.

With that out of the way, I think I can spend another fabulously lazy day tomorrow in my pajamas. Did I mention that my husband got me a new pair of Under Armor sweat pants for Christmas and I haven't taken them off in four days!!!!  I'm in love!!!  I'm not usually a sweat pants kind of girl, but these are the coziest.  What ever will I do in three days when I have to return to dress pants and heels????  Below is a photo (not me unfortunately LOL) of the comfiest pants ever in case you're interested in them.
        I hope you are all enjoying your holiday break as well.  Here's to a great 2013! I'm hoping it will be the best year yet thanks to all my new bloggy friends!  I learn so much from you every day and I can't wait to see what's in store for the year to come.

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