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       I'm back!  I took a short hiatus from the blogging world to enjoy DISNEY WORLD with my family. We had the best time. It was beautiful, magical and perfect!

But now, back to reality for this Michigander.

     So, I wanted to jot down just a quick post about how I'm having my students recommend books this year.  I always struggle with finding the time for daily student book recommendations. Sometimes we can barely fit in a weekly slot for recommendations. But I highly believe in the power of peer recommendations. Kids flock to the books that their friends recommend.  So this year, I'm having my students do their recommendations online! This saves me precious class time, and the students are engaged in reading the recommendations and commenting from home.  Here's how we are doing it.  We have a free classroom website through  This is where I post daily homework assignments and reminders as well as classroom photos.  The kids love to check out the website at home and write comments about our daily activities - it's like their mini (teacher approved because I see all comments first) facebook page.  LOL
       Since my students are constantly checking out the classroom webpage and commenting from home, I thought to myself, I need to give them something worthwhile to read and write about.  Thus, the book recommendation link was born. They click on the link on the webpage and it takes them right to our book recommendation page. Each day during reading workshop one student adds a book recommendation to the site (because I only have one classroom computer).  So five new recommendations are added a week. Students sign up when they finish a book they want to recommend. Here is a link to the FREE sign up sheet I  created for my class.

        I'm requiring each student to write at least one recommendation per marking period. The second requirement is that each student comment on one book recommendation per week. Students who do not have access to a computer at home can use our classroom computer any time it is available to post their weekly comments.  Check back later for our "guidelines to writing a book recommendation" expectations.
       I'm super excited that my students are loving our book recommendation tab on the classroom website so I had to share it with all of you.  It's so fun to read their reviews and comments. And, it isn't taking up any class time which I really love.  Let me know if you try it out as well!!!


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  1. I love this idea! Would you be willing to share with me what information you require your students to put in? I would love to visit your class weebly as well. My email address is:

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