Donors Choose - Audiobooks for Struggling Readers

Fingers crossed!  My audiobooks for struggling readers project is up on donor's choose.  This is my first project and I'm really excited to have it posted.  

The Common Core standards have really upped the rigor for my fifth grade readers.  My struggling readers cannot just read books at their level all day any longer. While reading "just right" books gives my struggling readers time to practice their accuracy, fluency and reading strategies, they must also be exposed to grade level complex text so they can think deeply about characters and discuss the themes that are only found in rich text.  So, I've been borrowing quality literature audio books on the computer from our local library for my struggling readers to listen to and follow along with.  This allows them to have meaningful discussions about grade level text along with everybody else. However, the local library limits borrowing time and doesn't have audio versions of all the books we need. So, donor's choose here I come!!!!  Hopefully, if we are able to get the funding for these audiobooks (Hatchet, Number the Stars, Old name a few) my struggling readers will be so excited for reading workshop time each day!  I can't wait. These readers hang on every word during read aloud time, with these audio books they will be able to experience getting lost in a book during their "listening to reading" time as well. Nothing is more important than building life long readers!  

Any advice from you donor's choose veterans would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)

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  1. I am waiting to see the comments. I have a project that I am working on, but I am waiting for my photography permission slips. Good luck!

    My Teacher Friend


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