President's Day - 15% off sale!

In honor of President's Day - all items in my TPT store are 15% off!!!!!  

If you have today off like I do, I hope you enjoy every moment!  My plan is to catch up on some DVR shows - Grey's Anatomy anyone???  Finish the fourth book of the Uglies series - they are due back to the library tomorrow.  

Extras (The Uglies)

If you are a middle school teacher, check this series out - action packed, and full of great themes/lessons - government control, be happy with who you are, population control, take care of the planet, rule of technology, etc....   I also have a few papers to grade, but you all know how I feel about grading papers,  Ugh!!!  But, I'll squeeze em' in somewhere!  

Right now I'm off to play Monopoly with my son!!!

Enjoy your day!!

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