April Currently and winner announced

I'm late!  But I have spring break to blame!  And it's been a marvelous spring break. I have truly enjoyed every minute, and the best part is that it's not over yet.  I still have the rest of today and all of tomorrow and my babies (eight and five) are at Grandma's house!  Woo hoo!  Oops, I mean I'll miss them tons - can't wait until they're back.  :)

Here's my April Currently, (if you haven't yet - join in the the fun at Oh'Boy 4th Grade.)

As I said, kids are at Grandma's so I am enjoying some much needed peace and quiet.  Hubby is watching a movie, and I'm, ya you caught me, blogging of course!  I am headed to finish some last minute report card comments - I promise - soon!

Since we had the night off last night, hubby took me to Sagano's  for dinner.  We'd never been. It's a Japanese Steak House where you sit at a big table with a whole lot of other people and the middle of your table is a grill.  At first I was uncomfortable with the whole lot of other people at my table thing, but a glass (or two) of wine took care of my concern.  We had a blast. The chef cooks your meal right at the table, puts on a little show with his knives and throws some food around (it's hilarious). To top if off, the food was excellent!  Even just as good on day two - yum!

I am not ready for spring break to end, but I am starting to panic slightly about how much my fifth graders still need to accomplish, and how little time we have left! Yikes!

Lastly, the hubs and I spent hours, actually days and days, painting our deck last August. It survived the cruel Michigan winter, and is looking beautiful in the spring sunlight. Now I just need some pretty new patio furniture to complete the package.  Any good deals anywhere?

Oh yeah, and I just realized I never announced a winner from the Two Truths and a Lie linky.  The winner is.............

Melissa - from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

High tech here - I put all the names on sticky notes, crumpled them up, and drew one at random.  I'm convinced Melissa won because of her awesome name!!

#2 was the lie - while I did attend Alma College in Michigan, and it is home of the Scots, many of my friends headed to Scotland for a semester abroad, but I spent my semester away in D.C. - hence the journalism job on capitol hill.

Congratulations Melissa!


  1. Ah...Michigan, eh?? I'm watching your basketball team crush my Syracuse team right now. :-) Glad you had a nice break - my parents are taking my two daughters all day tomorrow too - hooray!!
    Mrs. Allen's 5th Grade Files

    1. Go Blue! :) I hope you enjoy your kid-free day also!!


  2. Ah! Melissa is my name too. :) And my dad, from Michigan, calls me Missy.
    I also love going to the Japanese steakhouses where they cook right in front of you. Highly entertaining.

    1. There sure were a lot of us born in the 70s and 80s. I was one of five in my grade in school.


  3. I found your blog through the linky party! I am excited to have found another upper elementary blog...enjoy the last couple days of your spring break :) I am a new follower!

  4. I'm a new follower at your blog too! I love Edward Tulane, such a heartfelt story.



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