Five For Friday

I'm pretending like summer isn't peeking at our door in room 206, and all things are like usual.  So far so good, spring fever hasn't hit my kids too hard yet - so we had a pretty regular week.  Here's a quick glance.

1.  We are immersed in historical fiction during reading workshop.  We spent the week discussing a few mentor texts, and the students are reading historical fiction novels during book clubs.  Here's a quick photo of the mentor texts we examined. Our purpose is to notice the setting clues and to infer what the time period looked and felt like in each book. We practiced using precise words to describe the time period. (We also analyzed perspectives and characters as well to continue practicing skills from our previous unit).

2.  We are reading informational texts during shared reading. This week we continued to practice previewing and predicting (Monday), wondering (Tuesday), determining importance (Wednesday), author's purpose and text structure (Thursday), and summarizing (Friday).  We look at the same article all week, for about 10-15 minutes a day, with a different purpose each day. I'm currently working on an upper grades shared reading product for my TPT store. I can't wait to share it with everyone.

3.  Anyone else use Words Their Way for word work?  We implemented this program about five or so years ago.  My lowest group moved up into the next book this week!  I'm so excited. We've spent weeks and weeks practicing homophones.  They finally graduated!  Yay!  I'm so proud of their hard work.

4.  We have WIRELESS!!!   It officially started working this week and I am so excited.  What a change it has made in our classroom already!  This week our computer lab was closed due to testing - and we didn't have to suspend our informational writing project.  We just researched right from the room on our Kindles and iPads.  BYOD baby!   LOL

5.  Lastly, we stared preparing for our Mock Trials.  We will present two cases.  The first is the Citizens of Boston vs. The British Redcoats for murder (the Boston Massacre), and the second is The East India Tea Company vs. The Sons of Liberty for destruction of property (The Boston Tea Party).  The students auditioned for their roles this week and our attorneys have already begun to reseach and build their cases!  More about this to come later!  

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's weeks!  Happy Saturday!!


  1. I use Words Their Way - but use all of the games and activities - seeing your picture of your students totally engaged has me thinking I should. Thanks for sharing that.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. Mock trials are so much fun! It is awesome to see how excited the kids get to do something like this...especially my little drama queens :)

  3. I love reading your blog! So great to see other fifth grade teacher bloggers! :) You have some great posts so I am following and will be to check in often. :) Come over and see me if you get a chance.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Thanks Brandee. I am following your blog too.



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