Five for Friday May 24

Ten and a half days of school left for us!  The final countdown is on!  I'm TRYING  to keep everything as normal and routined as possible.  I hate just babysitting so I pretty much teach content (although I try to make it as engaging as possible to contain the summer wiggles) for as long as possible.  Plus, we still have LOTS to cover (isn't that always the case in May???) so we are busy, busy, busy in room 206.

1.  First off, we finished our informational books.  We spent a good part of the week analyzing text features that authors use to grab our attention, and then learning how to create text features with technology for our own books. The students had to make decisions about what text features were most appropriate for each of their topics.  They analyzed, made lists, created, recreated, and finally published!  Yahoo!

2.  We are also wrapping up our unit on fraction operations.  We are playing review games and doing performance tasks to prepare for our district assessment next week.  We are using lots of manipulatives, partner activities, and task cards to stay engaged.  Also, I can pull small groups for intervention easier when the students are reviewing.

3.  We've started to discuss our summer reading lists.  I'm really trying to excite my students about reading this summer.  We've worked so hard to complete our 32 book challenge (Check out the Book Whisperer if you're wondering what I'm talking about).  So now we are creating our summer challenge and I'm keeping my classroom website through the summer so students can log on and write about, recommend and comment on the books they are reading.

4.  While I'm trying to keep everything normal in fifth grade - 10 days from summer break - our sixth grade orientation happened this week so now the students are super pumped for middle school.  I'm just as excited for them. They are going to have so much fun next year!

5.  Lastly, speaking of almost middle schoolers, these darling kiddos donned tiaras for hat day this week.  We are raising money to purchase two books for every student to read this summer.  We have hosted hat days, gum days, popsicle days, and bake sales.  Kids paid $0.50 to $1.00 to participate and we have almost reached our goal!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  We are headed up north (along with all the other Michiganders).  I'm so looking forward to some sunshine, reading time, family time and relaxing time.


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  1. What a great idea to create summer reading lists! I wish I would have done that! That is cool that the students can still get on the website over the summer and comment on what they are reading! I will need to remember to do this for next year!


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