Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

If you're still looking for a few more items to add to your cart before the big TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale ends, all my items are 28% off (including the discount from TPT).  Check out my store! I just added my newest product "Fraction of the Day" - which includes four weeks of warm-ups and quizzes (appropriate for 4th-6th grades) to reinforce those tricky rational number skills.

You may also be interested in my Complete Guide to Book Clubs Resource.  It's my best seller right now and offers everything you'll need to succesfully guide your students through book clubs during reading workshop.  We are just finishing a round of book clubs in room 206, and my students enjoy book clubs so much, we're starting another round next week!  How can I say no when they beg to read more???  :)

Well, I'm off to add a few more things to my cart to stock up for the fall!!!  Happy Shopping!!!!

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