Next year I will definitely.......

I cant help it, I'm already thinking about next year even though we're still plugging along this year for 10 more days!!! I love to plan ahead. And I love to talk - which gets me in trouble during mini-lessons. I feel the need to explain with examples, analogies, evidence, visuals, etc., etc., sometimes I can go on and on and on LOL.  My goal for next year is to stay focused on the specific learning target for each mini-lesson and to keep the lesson - mini.  The practice portion of workshop is way more important than my spiel!!! 

Join in with Joy in Sixth's first linky party. What are you planning to do differently next year?  


  1. Your page looks so good, now I have blogger envy:) I look forward to checking in with you!

  2. Ah, yes! I also get blabbing sometimes - I have to remember that short and sweet is often best.

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