Summer Reading Challenge - Nerdy Book Club Book A Day

I am SO going to do this with my class this summer through our classroom website.  What a great idea!

The Fifth Annual #Bookaday Challenge

Member of the Nerdy Book Club

I'm completely in love with the nerdy book club blog.  Must be because I'm such a nerdy book lover myself.  LOL  Anyway, this seems like the perfect way to stay connected with my class over the summer, and provide a chance for my students to feel accountable toward reading this summer.  I've already copied our summer reading contract - I found this great FREEBIE resource from Jen Bengel on TPT.  Check out the link HERE.

We are going to spend the next three weeks during reading workshop immersed in book talks, trailers, and recommendations to build our summer reading lists - but now I'm going to weave in our classroom website as a place to visit with each other and talk about the books we are reading. We ALL know that fifth graders love social media - so why not give them a safe place to visit, chat, and learn in the process! We already have a book recommendations tab set up that we've used all year long to discuss books, why not extend it through the summer!  I'm so excited - and such a nerd!  LOL

We use Weebly for our classroom website.  It's FREE and easy to use, even if you're not an experienced blogger.  Check it out!

Happy Sunday everyone!  Summer is on the horizon, I can feel it!

Enjoy  :)

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  1. Hi Missy~I'm a big nerdy book lover too! :) I don't feel qualified at all but I am very excited that I will have a guest post, for the first time on their blog this week. Love that you are doing a summer reading program with your kids. I was thinking of setting up Edmodo accounts for them to Book Talk. Are you familar with it? I'm just learning the program and was wondering if there is a reason you use weebly. I'm just trying to check out all my options. :)
    ~fellow nerdy book lover and fifth grade teacher :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners


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