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I've been so busy the last few months I haven't even had time to link up with the fabulous Farley for Currently.  I'm so glad the craziness is winding down.  My kiddos are at Nana's house, and I should be working on report cards, but with summer break only 6 1/2 days away (Yahoo!)  I'm feeling some blog lovin' time is in order.

As I said, my mother in law invited the kids to spend the night last night and my crazy husband and I spent the extra time off, laying on the couch watching a movie called The Silver Lining Playbook.  I'm not a huge mobie buff, but I enjoyed this flick.  It kept me interested and engaged. The hubs and I are so fun and spontaneous!  LOL  We are both teachers and exhausted at this time of year, our social lives will pick back up (exist again) on June 14th.  

I've got to make this quick because I only have two hours and 47 minutes left before I meet the mother in law at church with my kiddos.  Time's a tickin' and I have grades to finish, comments to write, awards to complete, attendance book to update, plans to finish......."I think I can, I think I can,......"

Speaking of chuch this morning, my baby girl is graduating from kindergarten.  Everyone always tells you that "time flies" but I never fully understood until I became a mom.  

Report card fairy, where are you?  I'd much rather right now be catching up on the latest episode of "So. You Think You Can Dance" on my DVR of finishing the book I started Wednesday, A Tangle of Knots. (Great one - check it out - I can envision interesting discussions with my students about perspective and connections and strategies for keeping character story lines straight).

My TPT and blog idea list for the summer is L.O.N.G. but I'm lovin' it.  I have so many ideas and I've had little time lately to work on any of them.  Can't wait to catch up over summer break.  Why is it called summer "break" anyway?  It should be called "summer organizing, classroom, TPT, blog, and home improvement project time."

Lastly, I LOVE to read, and summer is when I catch up on the great books I've discovered through the year and are piling up on my nightstand.  I also love sweets, so trips to the local ice cream shop are pretty prevalent in the summer - whether at home or up north.  And, sunshine is just a must.  When you live in Michigan you soak up every bit of shine from May-September becaue you won't be seeing it again for a loooong time.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. I have been out of school for a week now. Why is it that the last week or two are so busy and hectic? I just now feel like I can breathe. You are almost there! My daughter starts Kindergarten this year. I hope you have a great day.


  2. Your post reminded me of how much I love summers in Michigan. All of the beaches and fresh ice cream shops... I grew up there, and I don't make it back there in the summertime enough. We usually only go back around the holidays so I can get my annual dose of snow (and a reminder of why I moved to a warmer climate).

    Enjoy your last few days of school!
    Eberopolis: Teaching Reading & Writing with Technology

  3. I know what you mean about no social life until June 14th! My last day is Thursday, but there is so much stuff going on this week it will probably take me a week to recuperate. Hope your daughter had a nice graduation. While it's true that time does fly, it's those little moments and memories that count. I found your blog through Currently and am your newest follower. Have a great week!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. I totally agree that it shouldn't be called Summer Break! That's where teachers get a bad wrap. (or is it rap?!) People think we just party all summer. If only! School is out for us, but I am still having to go back to write curriculum. =) Congrats on your baby graduating kindergarten! I found you through currently!
    3 Teacher Chicks

  5. Hi! I'm switching from 6th to 5th grade next year and found your blog from Farley's linky party! Check out my blog and subscribe by email:

    I look forward to reading more! :)


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