Finally on summer break - Five for Friday

Friday was my first official day of summer vacation!  It was glorious!  So in celebration, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs teaching for this week's Five for Friday.

1.  Gotta love Field Day! Our Field Day was rained out twice this year!  Thank goodness we were finally able to do it on the last day of school!  It turned out to be a great last day activity!

2.  My rose bush finally bloomed. This bush was a gift given in rememberence of my Grandpa Stephens so it's quite special.  This year, it is taking over the corner of my garage.  I do not have a green thumb. Never have.  So, I'm just thankful it keeps coming back each year.  But now I need to learn how to prune.  I guess I'll be hanging out on Pinterest this weekend!!

3. My students wrote me good bye letters on the last day of school, and so many of them said that the most important thing we learned this year was "it's more important to be kind, than correct."  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book Wonder!  The life lessons learned are priceless.  If you have not read this book yet, head to right now and put it in your shopping cart.  It's a must have!

4.  I received a 10-years of service pin at our end of the year breakfast celebration on Wednesday morning.  I can't believe I've been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love every day for 10 years!!  I also can't believe I'm old enough to have done anything for 10 years!!  LOL

5.  Last, but not least, my own kids celebrated their last day of school this week too - last day of kindergarten and last day of third grade.  They are growing so quick.  I'm really looking forward to spending my days laughing, playing with, and enjoying them for the next 10 weeks!


  1. We love Wonder...I'm reading it to my boys at home this summer. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. It's definitely a graet book! Did you read it to your class this year?



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