Same old me, brand new look!

It's finally here, my brand-spanking new blog design.  What do you think?  Design is courtesy of Megan from A Bird in Hand.  I love it!  Much more professional than what I had.

But I sure have a lot of work to do now, updating my blog button everywhere - so worth it though!!

I debated for months and months about whether or not to take the plunge.  Every time one of my bloggy friends would get an update I'd think "I should do that."  But then I'd get busy and, well,  you know the rest of the story.

Finally, my coworker who just started her blog Forever in Fifth Grade -

Check it out if you haven't already - got her super cute new design up and running and I just had to commit.

I'm so glad I did!

I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do!

Stay tuned, because in between changing my button all over blog world and TPT, I'm writing my first week plans (the big day is Tuesday) and will post about how I introduce workshop to my students, how I keep my students accountable during Reading and Writing Workshop, how we do math workshop in our classroom and a FREEBIE just might be included also!  I've been in a creative mood lately!  LOL

Oh, and a few finished classroom photos will probably surface as well.  I'm so glad to say my room is finally done.  Well, for now. :)


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