A Peek at My Thankfully Short Week!

So thankful for the short (2 1/2 day) week ahead! Though I'm a tad (okay lots) jealous of my high school teacher hubs who has the entire week off for Thanksgiving break! Since I still have to work, I'm pinning all kinds of wonderful, FREE, thanksgiving themed products to my Thanksgiving
pinterest board, while he's watching T.V.  Just kidding, I actually sent him to the grocery store to pick up some additional items needed for the big Thanksgiving shin dig' on Thursday.  A honey-do list helps the jealousy, I'm not too proud to admit my faults.  LOL

I didn't get a chance to post last week because I spent the weekend scrapbooking at our church's annual retreat. I had a great time, but it definitely took me a few days to recuperate.  This weekend the kiddos and I put up the Christmas decorations and spent the day at church and at Frankenmuth- our local "Christmas Wonderland."  This poor little blog is feeling quite neglected.

So, I'm linking up with A Peek at my Week!

First - while we usually split our time between calendar math and daily problem solving warm-ups, since this week is so short, we'll be enjoying some fun, Thanksgiving themed warm-ups from my teammate Stephanie at Forever in Fifth Grade.

In math, we will begin our unit on decimal numbers this week.  I just printed out the common core decimal numbers assessment pack that I created last year to get me started. We are also using the Georgia Public School units in math this year.  Anyone else have experience with these units? I'd love some feedback and advice.

In reading, we will finish up our Thankful for Inferences packets where we spent time explicitly practicing 5.RL.1 - referring to details from the text when drawing inferences. We're also close to finishing our read aloud Out of My Mind. It's an excellent book about a fifth grader named Melody who can't walk or talk due to cerebral palsy. My students are learning a lot about acceptance from Melody whose intelligence and positivity are extraordinary. We started it as part of the Global Read Aloud project (which I highly recommend you check out for next year). We're also studying how character dialogue, actions, and motivations help us infer character traits. 

Our personal narratives are finally finished in writing!!  Woo Hoo!! We worked our hineys off on these stories. The new Lucy Calkin's rubrics are rigorous to say the least, and we had a lot of catching up to do to meet the standards, but I'm proud of my students' efforts.  This week we will begin publishing them through the Student Treasures publishing company!  If you haven't heard of this amazing FREE publishing opportunity, check it out now. We've done it for several years.

Lastly, I'm cooking Thanksgiving for the whole fam at my place this year, so I'll also be peelin' potatoes, brining turkey, and cleaning like a crazy woman!  Though don't put it past me to hand a few of those chores off to the hubs since he'll have so much extra time on his hands this week.  I swear, I'm really not that jealous!  LOL

Have a great week all and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. My family is going to Frankenmuth for Thanksgiving dinner this year. This will be a first for us. Enjoy your time off. I know I will!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you have been very busy! :) Your church scrapbooking event sounds so fun! I have been neglecting my crafting/scrapbooking something fierce lately - I am itching to get to it! It only I had a few more hours in a day :)

    I've heard of Student Treasures before - I know your students' stories will be a big hit!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving - have fun with your family!

    Joy in the Journey


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