Business cards for #TpTVegas14

I'm also linking up my business card designs for Tried it Tuesday with the fabulous Fourth Grade Flipper.

I agree with Flipper that PowerPoint is the go to software for creating your business cards, and vista print is awesome for printing.  I found a promotion code TV500 that will reduce your printing charges to $9.99 for 500 cards if you use vista print.  However, be prepared to still pay shipping!

I posted pics on Instagram immediately when they came in the mail.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my cards but I was so excited when they came yesterday. Shipping took less than one week so you still have time to order. They make me feel like a real business owner.  I'm planning to take some to the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Vegas #TpTVegas14 and I guess I'll just watch to see what everyone else is doing with theirs.   LOL

Whether I use them all or not, I only paid a total of around $20 so you can't beat that for a tax deductible purchase.

Can't wait to read everyone else's Tried it Tuesday posts!!  I love having time to be creative in the summer!!


  1. Your business cards turned out so cute!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. Your business cards are so cute! Are you going to the meet up at Bellini's on Friday night? I hope I get to meet you in person, Melissa! We can exchange business cards. Lol!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Thanks Holly, I am planning to meet up at Bellini's on Friday. I can't wait to meet everyone. See you and your business cards there!!


  3. I plan to collect them all ;)

  4. Those cards are super cute! Love the QR Codes on the back! Have a blast in Vegas! I'm so jealous reading about everyone's upcoming trips!


    Drop By...
    Life As I Know It

  5. Your cards are so cute! I love business cards, I'm just never sure what I would use them for. One year my school gave a set 10 or 20 to each of the new teachers, which I thought was neat but I couldn't figure out what they would do with so few.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  6. Love the QR codes on your cards! How did you end up using them in Vegas?

    The Math Maniac

  7. Your business cards are so fantastic. I love your price ( $9.99 for 500 cards). I need some cards.

    metal business cards


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