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Who needs to use Reading Response Letters in the classroom? You do! They are the perfect supplement to your daily conferring during Reading Workshop time! Reading Response Letters guarantee you hear from each reader, each week! They allow your students -
  • Time to reflect on their reading and to think deeply about the text.
  • Responses from you that guide/push their thinking about text.
  • Authentic situations to write/talk about text with an adult and peers.
  • A safe place to ask questions about text, practice and write about reading comprehension strategies, and give and offer book recommendations.

Are you convinced yet?

If so, grab my freebie to see if you can make Reading Response Letters work in your classroom also!

I've experimented with Reading Response Letters ever since Fountas and Pinnell published their first Guided Reading book. It took me several years to fine tune a set of Reading Response Letter procedures/expectations. I must admit, I wanted to give up and give in many times. Grading and responding to Reading Response Letters can get very overwhelming without an organized system. The past few years I've finally found what works for me, so I'd love to share it with you!


If you currently use Reading Response Letters in your classroom, how have they helped you get to know your readers?

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  1. I am contemplating using these letters with my upcoming 5th graders. I want to get them reading more and I think the letters would be a great way to hold then accountable for their independent reading as well as see their thinking while their reading. However, I'm worried about getting around to reading all 90 of these letters every Friday. I may need to do some sort of rotation. Any suggestions?

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