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How do you find the time to give your students the intervention that they need?  Last year we began a half-hour daily block that we use for intervention time. We call this WIN time - WIN stands for What I Need.  During this time, targeted students (based on STAR test data) receive math and/or reading interventions to bridge the gaps in their learning.  Each teacher in the building runs an intervention group as well as each of our Title 1 aides, our intervention programs are called Do The Math by Marilyn Burns (one of my idols) and Leveled Literacy Library by Fountas and Pinnell.  I highly recommend both programs if you're searching for intervention needs for your own district.  The students who qualify for these interventions report to the intervention group that matches their needs.  This time is critical for accelerating the learning of our struggling students in hopes to bring them up to grade level.  Sounds ideal, but I know what you're thinking  - what are all the rest of the students (who do not need intervention) doing during WIN time?

This is where Moby Max comes in.  If you haven't checked out this website yet, go now!  This is what my on level and above level students use during our daily WIN time.  It gives them the needed practice with pencil/paper math problems that they need. Students take a pretest and the program places them into lessons they need based on their results.  Differentiation at its best!  The teacher can also go in and add or take away lessons as needed.  I often add lessons that go along with the curriculum that week, and/or give enrichment lessons to students ready for the challenge.

There are so many things I love about this program.  Not only does it differentiate daily math practice and keep students engaged during WIN time so I can work with my neediest kids, students can also log in from home for additional practice (parents love the ease of using Moby Max for math practice).  Further, there are so many ways to keep students accountable and engaged within the program.  Here's a quick example of a weekly progress report that I print and send home to families.

Pretty great information huh?

Even better - my district originally began using Moby Max three years ago for it's math component - but the best part is that the site is growing and adding more components very rapidly. Now students can also use Moby Fast Facts, Reading, Stories, Literature, Grammar, Language, Vocabulary, Test Prep and more!  My class loves earning game minutes for the questions they complete correctly (we have random game days every few weeks for the students to cash in those minutes).  They also love 'The Wall' where I post contests, polls and questions. While the students are working, they can send me messages with questions or comments.  And, they can log in from home and parents LOVE the additional practice opportunity. Students love that they continue to earn game minutes and contests points even from home!  It's way better than solving boring text book problems! Have I sold you yet?

Moby Max has many FREE components, but for a reasonable fee you have access to all of these great options I've mentioned. I love Moby Max so much, that when they contacted me a few weeks back to see if I'd offer a giveaway on my little old blog, I jumped at the chance since it's a program I have personally used and believe in!  So, if you're interested, Moby Max has offered to give away a FREE one-year membership to one of my lucky readers.  You can enter for a chance to win this FREE year-long membership in the raffle copter below!!  The raffle copter will stay open for one week and an amazingly lucky winner will be announced next Sunday, December 7th!

Best of luck and in the meantime - check out the great FREE stuff available on Moby Max!

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  1. We also have WIN time at the end of our day. We only have literacy groups. No math. I wish we did have math groups too. I'd use MobyMax during this time. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Is the raffle copter working? I can't seem to enter this amazing opportunity.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It seems to be working through Google Chrome but not Internet Explorer. Crazy! Anyone else ever had this problem?

  4. I can see that there are entries, so it appears to be working, but if anyone else is having a problem please let me know. Thank you!!

  5. I would use this during our 3 times a week intervention times for my 3 different classes. It would be a great way to make sure I "meet" with each of my students, even when they aren't with me during that intervention time.

  6. I LOVE your WIN time idea! I will share this with my administrator and teaching team.
    I would use this program as an intervention to meet the needs of all students. I already use the free version. I would love to have all the benefits of the paid version! This comes in handy when students finish their work early, no more wondering what to do! Thank you for the chance to win this Awesome program!

  7. Dear Math Coach, I can't take credit for the WIN time idea - it came from my district but you are right - it works great!!! I hope your district tries it out as well!! Glad to know there are more Moby Max fans out there! Best of luck to you!!


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