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The first week of school is in the books! I'm utterly exhausted and so looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  But I couldn't resist linking up with my Fifth Grade Freebies friends for a BACK TO SCHOOL FREEBIE FRENZY BLOG HOP and GIVEAWAY.  I'm never too tired for FREE stuff - just sayin'.  :)

All of us over at Fifth Grade Freebies want to celebrate back to school season with a few freebies for everyone and a $50 prize giveaway!!!!  So, since it's fall and I'm already craving pumpkin pie, I'm giving away my  "Thankful for Clues" Inference Pack for FREE - starting now - yes, right now - through Monday night. So snag it quickly!!!

I created this inference pack to help my students practice quoting details and examples to support their inferences.  We had so much fun using it last fall that I can't wait to bring it out again this year.

We've already begun to discuss inferring during Reading Workshop in room 206 and my new readers are able to dig deep and verbalize their inferences (thank you 4th grade teachers - you are amazing!!!).  However, my kiddos are struggling with supporting those inferences with evidence from the text.  And we all know that Common Core Reading Literature Standard 1 in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades states that students must accurately quote details and examples from the text when drawing inferences.  So, practice makes perfect, right????

Last year, we spent weeks practicing citing the clues that led to our inferences - with our just right reading books - and it really paid off.  We practiced with clues that show character traits, setting clues, clues to: character motivation, conflict, resolution, theme, and character change.  We also practiced using all of our inferences, and the evidence we cited from the text, to summarize the text.

I'm hoping that this "Thankful for Clues" Inference Pack will help your students explicitly practice citing evidence from the text and improve your reader's weekly responses and metacognitive skills.

Enjoy!!  Don't forget to also enter our GIVEAWAY below to win a $50 gift card to TPT!!  Woo hoo! You only have until Monday night to enter so don't delay.

And, hop on to grab some additional FREEBIES from the rest of the Fifth Grade Freebies crew!!

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  1. Love the inference pack. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great-looking packet! Thanks for sharing, Missy! :) Making inferences was always tricky for my 5th graders - they could always use more practice! This will be perfect - plus I'm with you: I'm a sucker for all things fall-themed :)

    Joy in the Journey

  3. Replies
    1. Only one prep, or do you have different grade levels?

  4. My favorite is math-I love how there are lots of ways to get the same answer. :)

  5. I'm a SPED teacher, so my subject matter varies from year to year. This year I'm teaching math exclusively, but my heart will always have a soft spot for ELA.

  6. I just started a 5th grade tribe group on Facebook! I would love to have you join in!


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