Favorite Digital Tools in the classroom

A few weeks ago a coworker and I compiled a presentation of our favorite digital tools to use in the classroom. I'd love to share this presentation with you HERE.

These digital tools are best used in upper elementary and middle school classrooms.  Each page of the presentation gives the name of the digital tool, the link and a short list about why we love it so much.
I'd love to hear your favorite digital tools so we can add  more to the presentation.

Leave them in the comments below!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas. My class has been using Kahoot. It is a free website that is not blocked at my school. You can use any device and it reviews skills using a quiz model with a fun time element. I also have students make their own Kahoot to incorporate writing and understanding of a subject.

    1. I've heard of Kahoot, but never tried it. I'm going to check it out this week. Thanks for sharing!

  2. NearPod has been a tool that I've started using a lot of with my students.


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