Sunday, December 7, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things blog hop

Happy December everyone!  Can you believe Christmas is almost here!  This is one of my favorite times of the year, so I'm joining up with Laura from Where the Magic Happens for her 'A few of my favorite things' blog hop.

My first favorite thing is my favorite "store" -  Yes, my favorite store is virtual and I don't care.  I can find pretty much everything I need on Amazon - books, household items, toys, instant movie and tv show downloads, you name it.  I have done about 80% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. If you're a prime member, all shipping is FREE and it's fast.  I always get my items within 2-3 days.  Also, every purchase earns me points that I cash in for FREE books in my classroom.  Love, Love, Love!!!!  In fact, I love Amazon so much that I'm giving away an Amazon gift card to one lucky reader. Merry Christmas!!  Check out all the other great favorite things you can win by entering the blog hop giveaway in the rafflecopter below.

The second favorite thing I'm going to share is one of my favorite beauty products.  I've become a huge fan of Jamberry nail wraps (check out my friend Julie's Jamberry facebook page HERE if you're interested) and I always pair them with Sally Hansen Insta Dry nail polish.  The colors are perfect, the price is right, and the dry time is crazy fast - even my 7 year old daughter can wait patiently for just a few minutes.  If you have little girls, it's the only nail polish to buy!  Or, if you're just as busy as I am and don't have time to sit and watch your nails dry, give it a try!


Sally Hansen Insta-dri Fast Dry Nail Polish - Choose Your Color - Buy3

The last favorite thing that I'm sharing with you my dear friends, is teaching related.  It's my two favorite TPT products - my Common Core Critical Verbs Word Wall Cards and Common Core Critical Verbs Instruction Packet.  I seriously couldn't prepare my students for the 'big test' without these products!!  And this week they are both 50% off just for you!!!

Are your students struggling with understanding the critical verbs of the Common Core?  These verbs are tricky and students cannot perform well on THE TEST if they do not know what the questions are asking them to do!!

You must expose your students to these critical academic vocabulary words. And what better way to do that than to teach each word deliberately and post for students to reference all year long!

Save $5.50 by purchasing them on sale today!!!  I don't know about you, but sales are another one of my favorite things.  And so is winning FREE stuff!!!  So enter the rafflecopter below and take your chances at winning some amazing favorite things from my bloggy friends!!

Because we value our followers and wanted to treat you to our favorite things Oprah style, we have put together the best giveaway of the season! My bloggy friends and I welcome you to the best, biggest, most cheerful event of the season:

7 winners for 7 prize packs!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Moby Max Giveaway!

How do you find the time to give your students the intervention that they need?  Last year we began a half-hour daily block that we use for intervention time. We call this WIN time - WIN stands for What I Need.  During this time, targeted students (based on STAR test data) receive math and/or reading interventions to bridge the gaps in their learning.  Each teacher in the building runs an intervention group as well as each of our Title 1 aides, our intervention programs are called Do The Math by Marilyn Burns (one of my idols) and Leveled Literacy Library by Fountas and Pinnell.  I highly recommend both programs if you're searching for intervention needs for your own district.  The students who qualify for these interventions report to the intervention group that matches their needs.  This time is critical for accelerating the learning of our struggling students in hopes to bring them up to grade level.  Sounds ideal, but I know what you're thinking  - what are all the rest of the students (who do not need intervention) doing during WIN time?

This is where Moby Max comes in.  If you haven't checked out this website yet, go now!  This is what my on level and above level students use during our daily WIN time.  It gives them the needed practice with pencil/paper math problems that they need. Students take a pretest and the program places them into lessons they need based on their results.  Differentiation at its best!  The teacher can also go in and add or take away lessons as needed.  I often add lessons that go along with the curriculum that week, and/or give enrichment lessons to students ready for the challenge.

There are so many things I love about this program.  Not only does it differentiate daily math practice and keep students engaged during WIN time so I can work with my neediest kids, students can also log in from home for additional practice (parents love the ease of using Moby Max for math practice).  Further, there are so many ways to keep students accountable and engaged within the program.  Here's a quick example of a weekly progress report that I print and send home to families.

Pretty great information huh?

Even better - my district originally began using Moby Max three years ago for it's math component - but the best part is that the site is growing and adding more components very rapidly. Now students can also use Moby Fast Facts, Reading, Stories, Literature, Grammar, Language, Vocabulary, Test Prep and more!  My class loves earning game minutes for the questions they complete correctly (we have random game days every few weeks for the students to cash in those minutes).  They also love 'The Wall' where I post contests, polls and questions. While the students are working, they can send me messages with questions or comments.  And, they can log in from home and parents LOVE the additional practice opportunity. Students love that they continue to earn game minutes and contests points even from home!  It's way better than solving boring text book problems! Have I sold you yet?

Moby Max has many FREE components, but for a reasonable fee you have access to all of these great options I've mentioned. I love Moby Max so much, that when they contacted me a few weeks back to see if I'd offer a giveaway on my little old blog, I jumped at the chance since it's a program I have personally used and believe in!  So, if you're interested, Moby Max has offered to give away a FREE one-year membership to one of my lucky readers.  You can enter for a chance to win this FREE year-long membership in the raffle copter below!!  The raffle copter will stay open for one week and an amazingly lucky winner will be announced next Sunday, December 7th!

Best of luck and in the meantime - check out the great FREE stuff available on Moby Max!

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's here, it's here!!! And it's half off for today only!!!

If you have my Common Core Critical Verbs Vocabulary Cards, you will L.O.V.E this companion product - Common Core Critical Verbs Instruction Packet.  Over 70 pages of deliberate instruction of the 46 critical verbs found in the CCSS to help your students intentionally practice, analyze, use and master each verb.  And the best news is it's half off today only!

If you want to check it out before you buy, click on the preview to see Week 1 for FREE.

This companion product was created to give your students instruction and practice with the Common Core critical verbs. Last year, I created vocabulary cards to display to give my students a place to reference these tough verbs. These cards quickly became one of my best sellers! You can find these cards HERE. 

However, I quickly realized that just discussing and posting the vocabulary isn't enough. So this year, I am using this instruction packet to intentionally introduce,analyze, discuss and master each specific word.

Set includes an instruction page for each of the 46 critical verbs found in the Common
Core Standards and a quiz for every group of four words. All answer keys are included.

What works best in my classroom is to print the practice pages 4 at a time and staple to a packet. We practice one word a day Monday - Thursday. Then on Friday we take the quiz. The quiz helps me to see which words are mastered and which words need more discussion and exposure. Practice pages can also be used in centers, as homework, for 
word work, and much more........

This set offers 11 weeks of test-prep practice of the critical verbs of the Common Core. 

Need more convincing?

Are your students struggling with understanding the critical verbs in the Common Core Standards? These verbs are tricky and students cannot perform well 
on THE TEST if they do not know what the questions are asking them to do!!!

You must expose your students to these critical academic vocabulary words. And what
better way to do that then to teach each word deliberately and then post for students to reference all year long!

A sample of words included in this instruction pack are: analyze, comprehend, delineate, distinguish, infer, interpret, paraphrase, refer, summarize, synthesize......

You can also download a FREE matching Critical Verbs Word Wall Banner from my TPT 
store HERE.

Need matching academic vocabulary words for the Math Common Core standards?
Click HERE. (Available for 3rd-6th grades in chevron, polka dot, animal print, rainbow 
colors, and black & white.)

How about a matching ELA Common Core Word Wall Set? Click HERE. (Available for 3rd-
6th grades in chevron, polka dot, animal print, rainbow colors, and black & white.)


And I would love to hear about how you incorporate Common Core vocabulary into your
instruction.  I'm working next on a vocabulary games product and would love some input on games I should include!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

FREE SAMPLE ALERT - Common Core Critical Verbs Instruction Pack

Woo hoo!!  We made it through Halloween.  My students were actually extremely well behaved during our classroom party.  I was so proud.  They had tons of fun eating fall goodies (donuts, cider, apples and caramel), playing Halloween Bingo for candy prizes, and wrapping each other up as toilet paper mummies!!!  I even relented and let them wrap me up as the party was coming to a close.  I can now check 'becoming a toilet paper mummy' off my bucket list.  LOL  

Permission obtained to display classroom pictures on Wild About Fifth Grade.

My own ghouls dressed up a zombie hockey player and a vampire this year.  This is the first year they've wanted "scary" costumes.  I was a little sad that they are growing up and out of the cute dalmatian, pirate, Disney character, super hero stage.  :(   But we had a great time, even though it was only 35 degrees in Michigan last night.  The kiddos only lasted about 30 minutes before they were back inside eating pizza and candy.  Too cold!!!!   In my opinion, they should move Halloween in Michigan to September.  LOL

Now on to the good stuff!!!!

FREE SAMPLE ALERT: I have something amazingly exciting coming your way!!! 

I've been working hard on creating an instruction pack to go along with my best selling Common Core Critical Verbs vocabulary word wall set. This instruction pack is really helping me to intentionally introduce each word to my students and it's giving my students time to analyze, discuss, and master each individual word. 

I'm sooo happy with their progress. The pack is almost finished and will contain 11 weeks worth of critical verb test prep. I'm just so excited though, that today I'm posting a FREE SAMPLE of Week 1 for everyone to try out! I would love your feedback on the product if you choose to download!!

Enjoy!!!!  And Happy November.  Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Tricks and Treats Blog Hop

Happy October teacher friends! I'm joining up with the Tricks & Treats blog hop this weekend!  And I have a few goodies in store for you.

First of all, I have to start off by sharing this picture!!  We have a half day of school on Halloween also - double bonus!!

Now that we have that off our chests - I'd like to do a little "Trick" and "Treating" with all of you!!!

The trick that I'm sharing is how I use task cards during math workshop - scavenger hunt style.  We all know about the MANY, MANY awesome ways you can use task cards in your classroom.  From Scoot, to partner quizzing, to independent practice, to self assessment, the list goes on and on. I've tried almost all of them, and in the end, the task card trick that works best for my class is a task card scavenger hunt.

We call this our Task Card Center during Math Workshop, and students know that when it's their turn to complete this center, instead of doing problems out of of their math book for independent practice, they are going to search out the problems around the room. They LOVE this activity because they get to be up and moving around.  I LOVE this activity because I only have to print one set of task cards in color, laminate and cut, and they stay in great shape because no one is touching them except me......ha ha ha.

How do I set up the scavenger hunt?  It's super easy.  Print and cut out your set of task cards. Laminate if you wish for better durability. Print out enough recording sheets for each student. Before class, tape the cards around the room - I make some pretty easy to find, and some a bit more "tricky."  When class starts, instruct students to use a clipboard and their recording sheet and walk around quietly searching for a card.  When they find a card, they write down the problem on their recording sheet and begin to solve the problem.  Some choose to solve it right there, some choose to return to their seat to solve.  Then they find the next card, and etc.  After 10 cards I require students to check in with me so I can spot check their progress with the answer key.  They fix any mistakes and then head out to search for the next 10 and so on.......

For us, it's the perfect way to review for a quiz/test or get in that needed pencil/paper practice. And it's way more fun than doing problems out of the book.  If you're looking for some task cards to try out a scavenger hunt, I have many in my math center packs - appropriate for 4th-6th grades.  You can find them HERE.

Now that I've shared my trick, here is a treat just in time for Halloween.  I've updated my Spooky Multiplication Roll Math Center Game and it's FREE for all my teacher friends.  This game is perfect to spiral, reinforce, or review multi-digit multiplication.  After I teach the game and students play it a few times for practice, I leave it out throughout the month of October for early finishers to play as well.  It's always a spooky hit.  What kid doesn't love ghosts and dice?  Enjoy!!

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