Reading Workshop - Week 1

Just a quick post because I'm so inspired.  I've got a few minutes between getting my own kiddos to sleep and collapsing into bed myself and I just had to jump on here and do a book recommendation to all you reading workshop gurus. Several of my colleagues and I coincidentally read the same book this summer  - The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. Now I admit, I am a geek who loves to read 'teacher books' but many are hard to get through and have that 'textbook' feel.  Not this one! What a fabulous, quick, practical read with ideas that you can incorprate into your reading workshop immediately.

If you are a middle grade teacher, I highly recommend you check it out!  Love, love, love it!!!!

Have you read The Book Whisperer?  If so, how will it change your reading workshop this year?

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