Math Workshop - Common Core Factors and Multiples Assessment Pack

Whew it's been a busy week!  Halloween parties, preparing for report cards (with a brand new student information system, yikes!), impending parent/teacher conferences, and all the usual stuff like reading, writing and math workshops equals one busy (overworked) teacher!

However, I somehow managed to finish a product I started after we completed our factors and multiples math workshop unit last week. Amazing what you can accomplish instead of sleeping - LOL! It's called Common Core Factors and Multiples Assessment Pack.

Every year I rifle through my humongous file on factors and multiples trying to decide which assessments to use to both formatively and summatively assess my students.  I create exit slips on the fly, look everywhere for my missing math word wall words (LOL) and create brand new assessments for my students and then have to figure out the answer keys by  hand.  It's a lot of work.  So I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a complete 'go-to, ready to use' assessment package with formative quizzes, numerous exit slips to guide my instruction, a study guide, summative assessment, answer keys and academic vocabulary math word wall words that I can reprint out when they're lost - all in one place!!  It sure would save some time!!

So, here it is.  I hope it will help all of you busy (overworked) teachers as well!  Too bad I've already taught the unit this year.  But I can't wait to use it next year and throw out that humongous factors and multiples file! Have I mentioned yet that I have a hard time throwing things away.  I keep everything!  Ugh, I sense a New Year's Resolution in the works......


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