Hey all you Math Lovers!

This linky is for you!  I'm linking up with Miss Math Dork for her K-12 math linky party.  Come check out the fun.  You'll find both paid and FREE items, yup FREEBIES, to grab up and use to cover those last few Common Core standards!

I've linked up my Decimals Numbers Formative and Summative Assessment Pack (full of quizzes, exit slips, vocabulary cards, a study guide, and test - to guide your instruction of decimal numbers) and my Decimal Numbers Exit Slips FREEBIE for you 3rd-5th grade teachers.


I've also linked up my FREEBIE recording sheet for the factor game. This is a fun, engaging game for reviewing factors and multiples.

Lastly, for all you 4th-6th grade teachers, check out my Algebra (order of operations and simple expressions) Formative and Summative Assessment Pack to help you squeeze in a few good weeks of algebra instruction before that final bell rings!  Grab it now!

Anyone else scrambling to fit it all in these last few weeks?  I always panic as the end of the year nears.  We have so much more to do and so little time.  I feel like we've finally gotten into a groove, and soon it will be time to pack it all up and start all over again with a brand new group! I completely understand why teachers loop with the same group of students. Does anyone else feel like the end of the year sneaks up, just when you've finally got all your kiddos needs figured out?

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  1. WoW! Thanks so much for the shout out! I really appreciate it!

    Mathematically yours,
    Jamie aka MissMathDork!


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