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When I read The Book Whisperer last year, it inspired me to start a 40 book challenge in my own classroom. (If you haven't read this book yet, go to amazon.com and buy it now. Two years later I'm still deeming it the best book I've read on inspiring your students to love reading!)

So, I worked with some colleagues to create genre requirements for students to complete for their 40 Book Challenge and record keeping sheets to keep track of books read. (See HERE for my Reading Conferring Binder which includes the 40 Book Challenge set.)  We talked about the challenge all year and I deemed it a success by year's end.

True to Book Whisperer Style, I never talked about what would happen if we didn't meet the challenge, we just aspired to meet it.  And most did!  It was great to see students expanding their reading preferences to meet the genre requirements, and the pride they felt each time they marked down another completed book. It's amazing how a common goal can inspire and motivate!

This year, I'm joining my students in the 40 Book Challenge.  I created this sign for my classroom door.  Click HERE for a FREEBIE editable version you can snag for your own.


I'm going to laminate it, hang it up, and print out color book covers for each of the books I complete this year.  (I already have two down, Black Beauty and A Crooked Kind of Perfect)

Who knew that Black Beauty was written in 1877!  I read this book to my daughter over the past month and we were amazed learning about the cruelties horses endured when they were man's main form of transportation.  And it's written from the horse's perspective. Bonus!

A Crooked Kind of Perfect is an excellent middle grade girl's novel that deals with trying to "fit in" and "find your place," in middle school.  We all know that fitting in is what life is all about for middle school girls. The message of the books shows girls the importance of accepting others' differences and never giving up on a dream!

Several of my teacher friends are joining their students in this year's 40 Book Challenge.  I think the students will enjoy seeing what we are reading!  If you're planning to join up with your students.......

Also, if you're looking for a visual way to track your student's progress with the 40 Book Challenge - check out my 40 Book Challenge Bulletin Board Set.

I'm linking up with FREEBIE Friday to share my 40 Book Challenge poster with you!



  1. I read this over the summer andhave challenged my students to read 40 too. Some are really striving to meet the goal. Still working on getting others to buy in, sadly their parents are not buying in to it and the comments at conferences were, "Yep, she does not like to read. Good luck to you." "I know, they don't read." I guess I know why they are not big readers, they are not being encouraged to by their parents either. Of course they are my lower level readers. Thanks for the freebie poster!

  2. How do you enter a reading grade with the 40 book challenge? I just read the book, and I love the idea, but if I am not doing vocabulary, quizzes, and the other things I do to take reading grades, how do I give my students a reading grade? What do you do?

    Thank you!

    1. HI there, I do not assign grades in regards to our book challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to get my students reading more than ever so that they will become better readers and do well on our graded assessments. I still do vocabulary and assessments for grades, the book challenge is just one part of our reading block. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions!!


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