Cyber Monday Sale and Decimal Math Workshop Centers

I hope you're as excited as I am for the huge Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday/Tuesday Sale!  All items in my store are marked off 28%.  My cart is stocked and ready to go.  I've eyeing a few product to help my students improve as writers and spellers!

I also have a new product that I've spent the past few weeks creating for our next Math Workshop unit on Decimals - Christmas Decimal Centers.


If you're wondering how we do Math Workshop in room 206 click HERE

I like to create my Math Workshop stations ahead of time.  It's  a lot of planning up front, but then smooth sailing once the unit is underway.  I plan the mini-lesson each day based on our district curriculum, and then students practice the unit skills at centers during Independent Math time.  This allows me to work with guided math groups who need intervention and/or enrichment.

I always plan six centers a week for students to complete. My Christmas Decimal Centers pack includes the following six centers -

For your task card center:  Decimal Place Value task cards (standard, word, expanded form), recording sheets and answer keys.

For your Independent Work center: Decimal Addition and Subtraction practice problems and answer keys.


For your Vocabulary center: Decimal Academic Vocabulary Cards and Math Dictionary Recording Sheets. My students record new vocabulary words each week in their math dictionaries.  They rate their understanding, draw examples and write descriptions. They use these words to play vocabulary games.  I've said this before, and I'm saying it again, according to Robert Marzano students need to see and use new vocabulary words 26 times to reach understanding.

For your Math Games center: Reindeer Decimal Multiplication Roll and Reindeer Decimal Division Roll (Rules and Recording sheets are included - all students need is dice).

And lastly, for your Problem Solving center: Comparing Decimals - Santa's Reindeer's Flying Speeds (Students will order, compare, round and graph decimal numbers).


The sixth center will be your Guided Math center where you work with small groups of students who need reteaching, additional practice, or enrichment.

Whew!  Now that it's complete, I'm off to do some last minute TPT shopping.  I'll be checking out first thing tomorrow morning! 

Enjoy the sale!  Happy Cyber Monday!

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