FREE SAMPLE ALERT - Common Core Critical Verbs Instruction Pack

Woo hoo!!  We made it through Halloween.  My students were actually extremely well behaved during our classroom party.  I was so proud.  They had tons of fun eating fall goodies (donuts, cider, apples and caramel), playing Halloween Bingo for candy prizes, and wrapping each other up as toilet paper mummies!!!  I even relented and let them wrap me up as the party was coming to a close.  I can now check 'becoming a toilet paper mummy' off my bucket list.  LOL  

Permission obtained to display classroom pictures on Wild About Fifth Grade.

My own ghouls dressed up a zombie hockey player and a vampire this year.  This is the first year they've wanted "scary" costumes.  I was a little sad that they are growing up and out of the cute dalmatian, pirate, Disney character, super hero stage.  :(   But we had a great time, even though it was only 35 degrees in Michigan last night.  The kiddos only lasted about 30 minutes before they were back inside eating pizza and candy.  Too cold!!!!   In my opinion, they should move Halloween in Michigan to September.  LOL

Now on to the good stuff!!!!

FREE SAMPLE ALERT: I have something amazingly exciting coming your way!!! 

I've been working hard on creating an instruction pack to go along with my best selling Common Core Critical Verbs vocabulary word wall set. This instruction pack is really helping me to intentionally introduce each word to my students and it's giving my students time to analyze, discuss, and master each individual word. 

I'm sooo happy with their progress. The pack is almost finished and will contain 11 weeks worth of critical verb test prep. I'm just so excited though, that today I'm posting a FREE SAMPLE of Week 1 for everyone to try out! I would love your feedback on the product if you choose to download!!

Enjoy!!!!  And Happy November.  Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight!!

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