It's here, it's here!!! And it's half off for today only!!!

If you have my Common Core Critical Verbs Vocabulary Cards, you will L.O.V.E this companion product - Common Core Critical Verbs Instruction Packet.  Over 70 pages of deliberate instruction of the 46 critical verbs found in the CCSS to help your students intentionally practice, analyze, use and master each verb.  And the best news is it's half off today only!

If you want to check it out before you buy, click on the preview to see Week 1 for FREE.

This companion product was created to give your students instruction and practice with the Common Core critical verbs. Last year, I created vocabulary cards to display to give my students a place to reference these tough verbs. These cards quickly became one of my best sellers! You can find these cards HERE. 

However, I quickly realized that just discussing and posting the vocabulary isn't enough. So this year, I am using this instruction packet to intentionally introduce,analyze, discuss and master each specific word.

Set includes an instruction page for each of the 46 critical verbs found in the Common
Core Standards and a quiz for every group of four words. All answer keys are included.

What works best in my classroom is to print the practice pages 4 at a time and staple to a packet. We practice one word a day Monday - Thursday. Then on Friday we take the quiz. The quiz helps me to see which words are mastered and which words need more discussion and exposure. Practice pages can also be used in centers, as homework, for 
word work, and much more........

This set offers 11 weeks of test-prep practice of the critical verbs of the Common Core. 

Need more convincing?

Are your students struggling with understanding the critical verbs in the Common Core Standards? These verbs are tricky and students cannot perform well 
on THE TEST if they do not know what the questions are asking them to do!!!

You must expose your students to these critical academic vocabulary words. And what
better way to do that then to teach each word deliberately and then post for students to reference all year long!

A sample of words included in this instruction pack are: analyze, comprehend, delineate, distinguish, infer, interpret, paraphrase, refer, summarize, synthesize......

You can also download a FREE matching Critical Verbs Word Wall Banner from my TPT 
store HERE.

Need matching academic vocabulary words for the Math Common Core standards?
Click HERE. (Available for 3rd-6th grades in chevron, polka dot, animal print, rainbow 
colors, and black & white.)

How about a matching ELA Common Core Word Wall Set? Click HERE. (Available for 3rd-
6th grades in chevron, polka dot, animal print, rainbow colors, and black & white.)


And I would love to hear about how you incorporate Common Core vocabulary into your
instruction.  I'm working next on a vocabulary games product and would love some input on games I should include!

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