Show & Tell Tuesday - Math Workshop Tips & Advice

It's show and tell time again!  This week I want to show you a quick peek into our math workshop centers.  

First off, I can't wait to show you this presentation I put together for a district PD session a few weeks ago.  I hope you find it useful if you're considering a math workshop instructional approach.

It's full of tips and ideas for implementing math workshop in your classroom.  For even more detailed advice, check out my How to Launch Math Workshop blog post HERE.

Secondly, here's a peek at a few of our math workshop centers.  I'm a firm believer in collaboration so we spend most of math class working with partners.  Below are a few pictures of groups of students completing problem solving tasks from the FREE online Georgia math curriculum materials. 
Two (or three) brains are better than one!

Digital centers are also a favorite of my students during math workshop.  The content of this center varies week to week. Sometimes students just need to watch a short video that connects to the daily learning target (like this cute A Cup Fills Up song found on you tube) and then write about their thinking/noticings.

Or sometimes they work on our SmartBoard, iPads or the HP computers to practice the learning target with specified math games, fact practice sites like Hooda Math or Moby Max.

Lastly, math games are always a hit with my students during workshop.  It's so much better to practice the day's learning target in a game format (and the competitiveness of games increases engagment) than from a text book.   My favorite games again come from the FREE online Georgia mathematics curriculum and our Investigations curriculum.  

I'm glad I got the chance to show and tell you just a bit about our weekly math workshop centers.  See more show and tell posts at my best bloggy buddy Stephanie Rye's page below. 
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  1. Hey from the Ga! You have a great plethora of knowledge to share! Thanks! I'm heading to check out Hooda Math now! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. The digital Math station video looks like lots of fun for the kids.

  3. Your math workshop runs like a well-oiled machine! So glad my kids get the opportunity to come across the hall and experience that with you. Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  4. Thank you for all the great ideas and resources. I always look forward to reading your blog.


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