Planning a Halloween Party this week?

Who has time to plan a Halloween party, right? I mean seriously people, I'm trying to teach and mold young minds here.  Ain't nobody got time for parties.  Isn't it sad that the pace of our curriculum to keep up with the new standards makes us feel this way?? If you're feeling like I am, read this post because it will help you plan your party quickly and easily so you can keep on keeping on with all that important learning stuff.

spend time teaching instead of planning

You'll need four parent volunteers, one for each station, and donations of all the items listed on the family letter below.  You may need more than one student to volunteer to bring in some of the items so you'll have enough for your whole class.

The party will consist of 4 twenty minute stations. You'll need to set a timer, play some spooky Halloween music and then let the partying begin!

Food Station #1

A week ahead of time, start off by calling student names and having them volunteer to bring in an item, if they are able. You can create the list on an anchor chart and they circle their choice on the family note below.  This takes 10 minutes tops. Once completed, you'll send the notes home and whew - your food station #1 is done.  Check that one off the list.

You can grab this EDITABLE Halloween family note for FREE at my TPT store HERE.

Send home this family letter to get donations for your Halloween Party

Halloween Bingo Station #2

Next, go on TPT and download a FREE Halloween Bingo game.  There are tons to choose from - 172 to be exact.  Probably even more by the time you search!

Print the bingo game and station #2 is complete!  Find your bingo chips, or other similar items to be used for marking, or students can even just X out the spots as they are called. We use pretzels - which you could have students bring in instead of crackers.

use pretzels as bingo markers

A parent volunteer will help run the bingo game.  Can't get much easier than that.  Dig out an old plastic pumpkin and pour in a bag of the donated candy you collected from students - prizes are ready!!

ask family members to send in bags of candy for game prizes

Mummy Wrap Station #3

For station #3, your students will play the mummy wrap game.  Why do kids think it's so fun to be wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper?  It's gross, but they love it!  And it's clean toilet paper of course.  :)  Use the donated toilet paper that you asked for on the family letter above.  In this station the kids will wrap a partner in toilet paper until the timer goes off.  I usually give them one minute. Whoever is the best looking mummy wins a prize (again donated candy in a plastic pumpkin - you can't go wrong with candy on Halloween) Or, if you're one of those super healthy people, you can ask for a student volunteer to bring in Halloween pencils for prizes.  They can be found pretty much everywhere.  If students are careful, they can reuse the toilet paper and play a few times before they move on to the next station.

Kids love the mummy wrap game

Skeleton Craft Station #4

Lastly, for station #4, you just need black construction paper, glue and the Q-tips you had volunteers donate in the family letter above.  Students will make this fun skeleton.  Check out this blog post explaining how to make them HERE.

Spooky Skeletons are the perfect Halloween craft

And that's it!  You're done!  You can use these same stations year after year.  Kids love them and you can spend your precious time teaching instead of planning parties!!!

spend time teaching and let this blog post do the planning

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