How Google Classroom Revolutionized our Writing Workshop

Are you ready to jump your writing workshop into the 21st century?  If you're new to using Google Classroom, or you've just always wondered what it is, and what all the hype is about, than this post is for you.

We started using Google Classroom this year and while I'm in no way an expert yet, I have all kinds of notes, tips and advice I'd love to share with newbies like you!

So, I've compiled a guide full of all this goodness and I'm posting it for FREE in my TPT store - it's called Free Guide to Writing Workshop with Google Classroom.  I hope you check it out! 

The guide contains information on:
  • What is Google Classroom?
  • Why use Google Classroom?
  • How to get started
  • How to create assignments
  • How to share assignments
  • Other tips & advice
  • How to organize your Google drive
Download it right now and get started tomorrow with using Google Classroom in your writing workshop!  

And if you have additional tips that I missed, please share them in the comments below so I can add them to the guide. Or, if you'd just love to share how Google Classroom has revolutionized your classroom - I'd love to hear about that too! 

Never use a jump drive again!

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