Never dread conferring again with these four secrets!

Do you sometimes dread conferring during reading workshop? 

 You've been on your feet all day, your students finally settle in for that precious, quiet 30 minutes of independent reading time, and all you want to do is fall down in your desk chair and put up your aching feet?  The last thing you want to do is plan for 3-5 individual student reading conferences.  I mean you've already planned for 6 subjects during your 15 minute lunch, right?!?

I've been there.....

.....and it was pure survival mode, but then several years ago I signed up for a reading workshop lab classroom experience in our district, and I was suddenly accountable for making conferring work - because other teachers would be learning from me, yikes!  So the first thing I did was figure out what would work best for me, what would be easy for me to implement without adding on a lot of additional work and how could I make this enjoyable for myself and readers.  It took a few years (the lab classroom experience has since ended - teaching other teachers is hard friends!) but I've found a formula that works and I'm excited to share these four secrets with you!

I've compiled a free guide to conferring just for you and if you click HERE to read it now, you'll save yourself the years of dread, exhaustion and feelings of failure that I experienced.  And once conferring becomes easy for you and your students, you'll sit down in that desk chair, put up those feet and eat your 15 minute lunch with a smile on your face.

So download the Four Secrets to Successful Conferring guide now and read it over when you have a chance.  You'll learn how to easily figure out Who to confer with, What to say during your conferences, How to keep track of it all, and Where to go next.

With just a little practice of these four secrets, your dread of conferring will slowly turn to confidence and soon you'll be the one teaching other teachers in your district how to manage conferring easily and successfully.  Head on over to my TPT store to download the FREE guide now and take back your lunch time!

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