A simple way to get all your students writing complete paragraphs

What is a paragraph?

Raise your hand if your students struggle with writing proper paragraphs? Me!! Me!!

If your students are like mine, they write entire essays all in one paragraph or they don't understand the components of a paragraph so they just break up their writing wherever they want.

Sound familiar?

I'm constantly telling my students, "break up your writing into paragraphs," but it just doesn't happen. Why not??  Because I finally realized my students don't even know what a proper paragraph is.  Ahhhhhh!!!!

Once this realization hit me, I decided that next week our writing workshop focus will be all about writing complete paragraphs - understanding the components of a paragraph, and remembering to indent new paragraphs. We've got to check off proper paragraphing skills before middle school.  Right??

To hit this skill I created Paragraph Writing 101.  This lesson can also be found in my Opinion Writing 101 Unit - but I pulled it out to work on next week and to give to you as a free sample from my new Writing 101 Series.  

This FREE Paragraph Writing Lesson Sample from my Writing 101 Series will help you teach your students HOW to write a proper paragraph. Let me do the lesson planning to make your life EASIER! 

Paragraph Writing 101 will teach your students the T.E.E.E.C. paragraph formula to ensure your writers never forget a topic sentence, example sentences and a closing sentence again!!

Included in this Paragraph Writing FREE lesson is the following:

► A Lesson Plan
► A Word Wall Card
► A Learning Target Slide
► Two Practice Slides
► Two Student Book Practice Pages

After teaching this lesson, your students will have a better understanding of how to write a proper paragraph! No more one paragraph essays!!!

I hope you find this resource as helpful as I do.

Enjoy and happy paragraphing!!!!


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