The Secret to Testing Success - Teach Critical Test Prep Vocabulary All Year Long!

FREE SAMPLE ALERT: I have something amazingly exciting for you to try out to ensure your students will have success on the state test this school year!

I've been working hard on creating a test-prep instruction pack to go along with my best selling Common Core Critical Verbs vocabulary word wall set. 

This instruction pack is really helping me to intentionally introduce each vocabulary word to my students plus it's giving my students time to analyze, discuss, and master each individual word. And I'm sooo happy with their progress. 

After all, students can't do well on the state test, if they don't know what the state test is asking them to do, right?!?

This test-prep vocabulary instruction pack contains 12 weeks worth of critical verb test prep practice. 

I'm so excited for you to try this resource out, so I'm posting a FREE SAMPLE of Week 1 for everyone to have! 

I would love your feedback on the resource if you choose to download!!  

The free sample includes four critical verbs commonly found in the directions of state tests.  Students will study the words all week and then take a quiz over the words on Friday.  See below for pictures of the graphic organizers and quiz included.

If you love the free sample,  download the full 12-week resource HERE.   

Also, check out the other test prep resources I have available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and help your students ACE that big test this year!


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