Math Workshop - Order of Operations and Writing Simple Expressions

I have to admit (gulp) I haven't incorporated a whole algebra unit into my fifth grade math workshop instruction in the past.  But with my district adopting the common core standards, I'm jumping right into CCSS 5.OA,1 (order of operations) and 5.OA.2 (writing simple expressions).   

After spending the first few weeks of school setting up the expectations and procedures for math workshop, I started the year off with a review of 4th grade CCSS standards with a focus on factors and multiples. We all  know fifth graders still confuse these ideas and a strong understanding of factors, multiples, prime and square numbers is essential for success with longer multiplication, division, exponents, and fraction work.  HERE is a quick link to my fifth grade math ideas board on pinterest, it has many of the ideas I used during this workshop unit.  I also created a factors and multiples assessment pack that includes all of the formative (quizzes and exit slips) and summative assessments I use throughout the workshop unit.  It includes a study guide and academic vocabulary cards for your math word wall as well.  I'm really excited about this product streamlining my instruction in the future.  I'm a firm believer in planning my instruction backward from my assessments.  With the assessments already completed, now I can do just that!  In fact, I'm so excited about this product that I decided to create a similar product for our third unit of the year - algebra. (Our second unit covered CCSS 5.NBT.5 - multiplication of multi-digit numbers. Check out my previous post HERE.)

We have just started our algebra math workshop unit.  I've come across tons of fun activities on TPT and I've created an order of operations pinterest board to keep them organized.  This teacher loves organization! But I feel like my instruction is jumping all over the place so I figured, I better get my assessments created to streamline my instruction. This Algebra Assessment Pack took me longer to create since this is my first time really teaching these ideas for mastery.  But, now I have ten days worth of exit slip assessments to help me plan and focus my daily instruction and inform my instruction for the following day.  

I have three quizzes to inform my instruction throughout the unit and to use for setting up interventions. I also have my study guide complete and my end of the unit summative assessment.

Last but not least, I've selected the academic vocabulary words that we will enter into our math journals (using the Marzano approach) and hang on our math word wall. 

Whew! Hold on while I take a breath. I actually can't wait to get back to work on Monday to get started!!!!! LOL I am one crazy teacher!!!!

Anyway, I hope this assessment pack will help all you crazy and overworked teachers too.  For now,  I am going to put my excitement aside and actually enjoy my Saturday because my work here is done!!  Woo hoo!!


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  1. These look great! I am your now following your blog. Glad to find a fellow fifth grade teacher! :) Lattes and Laughter


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