Decimal Math Activities for the Week Before Christmas Break and a Freebie

Do you need math activities for the week before Christmas Break?  If your students are anything like mine, the only thing dancing in their heads right now - is visions of sugar plums. 

With that in mind, in math class this week we'll be reviewing decimal concepts with my Christmas Decimal Centers pack and Christmas Decimal Build and Draw Freebie

Click HERE for my blog post describing the Christmas Decimal Centers pack.  Centers include: place value (standard, word, expanded form) task cards, addition and subtraction independent work, decimal vocabulary practice, reindeer roll decimal multiplication/division games, and reindeer flying speeds comparing decimals problem solving activity.  Print, copy, organize and you're set for the week!

With my Christmas Decimal Build and Draw FREEBIE - all you need is Base 10 Blocks. 

The hundred flat will be used as a 'one whole flat,' the ten rod will become a tenth, and the hundred cube will become a hundredth.  

If you have the flat unit cubes where ten of them itty bitty things stacked on top of each other form a hundred cube, that piece is a thousandth.

Your students will practice building decimal amounts with the base 10 blocks, and then comparing which decimal amounts are worth more.  This activity is critical for my struggling mathematicians who do not visualize. 
Christmas decimal place value practice

decimal place value practice sheet

compare decimal amounts with base 10 blocks

using base 10 blocks to show decimal place value
I saw a picture on Facebook this morning that said:  Plans for the week before Christmas Break: 

1.  Scrape kids off the ceiling, 

2.  Repeat. 

I can so relate!  

My students are as ready for Christmas Break as I am.  And who can blame them.  Remember the days before Christmas and the anticipation of the presents to come??  I could barely contain myself as a child, and I still get excited about Christmas, even as an adult.  There is just something so magical and wonderful and heart fulfilling about this time of year.  

Who needs to be worrying about math plans?  Not this mama, I'll be shopping for our adopted family with my own kiddos, wrapping, singing Christmas music at the top of my lungs, and watching my all time favorite Christmas movie - White Christmas! 

I hope you are enjoying this time of year with your family and loved ones too! 

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