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Click HERE to Find Out the Secret to Conferring During Reading Workshop!

Looking for great 4th-6th grade read alouds?  Check out the following blog posts........

Need ideas for teaching inferring skills during Reader's Workshop?

Click HERE to read about my Thankful for Inferences pack. Or HERE to read about how I'm using the book Wonder to model and practice inferring.

Are you using EXIT SLIPS to help your readers read with purpose and accountability during Reader's Workshop?  Read all about how I'm using exit slips HERE.

Need ideas on how to get your students closely reading and writing during Reader's Workshop? Click HERE to read about how I integrate close reading, informational text, current events, and opinion writing during Reader's Workshop.

Or check out this blog post on close reading for many purposes!

How do your students recommend books during Reader's Workshop?  We write about our books on our student blogs.  Read HERE about how we inspire each other to read through blogging.

Are you challenging your students to read 40 Books (Book Whisperer Style) during Reader's Workshop?  If so, read this post HERE for information on my 40 Book Challenge Bulletin Board Set and FREEBIE. And, HERE for a set of FREEBIE 40 Book Challenge Student Recording Sheets.

Are you conferring daily during Reader's Workshop?  Need some help with organization and data tracking?  Read HERE to see how I keep myself organized, consistent and structured with conferring, strategy groups and data during Reader's Workshop.  This product is EDITABLE too!

Are you posting ELA Common Core academic vocabulary words for students to reference during Reader's Workshop? Click HERE to read about my ELA Common Core Word Wall Sets. And HERE to read about the updates! Or HERE to find them in my TPT store.

How do you set up for Reader's Workshop?  Read HERE  and HERE for some of my ideas on setting up for a successful Reader's Workshop.


  1. I love the Critical Verbs Instruction Packet. Do you have anything like that for the 5th grade Academic Vocabulary Words, or is it just the word wall cards?

    1. Hi Renee I'm actually working on instructional packets for math words right now!!! 😀


  2. Melissa! I am a casting producer reaching out from a production company in Los Angeles. We are casting a game show for gifted kids ages 8-12. Came across your blog, loved it and would love to speak to you about the premise, why I am contacting you, etc.

    Please give me a call at Shed Media at 323-904-4680. Thank you!

  3. Hi, Melissa!

    I am a new teacher who will be starting her career this coming August. I will be the 5th grade ELA teacher and will be teaching roughly 3 blocks a day which are 90 minutes a piece. The 5th grade teachers have adopted a workshop model for instructional time. I feel like I have some great ideas, but I am completely at a loss for how to organize my year...let alone one week to ensure the students are getting in everything they need to. If you could offer any guidance at all for curriculum design regarding a 5th grade ELA classroom which is bound to a 90 minute would be GREATLY appreciated!


    Christina D.


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